Our Story

How it all began… 


When long-time friends Samara and Lea both became pregnant in 2016 they could not have been happier to share this wonderful experience together! Both lovers of stylish decor and fashion they were determined not to let their homes turn into an explosion of primary colours. They constantly shared tips and ideas on where to find stylish, fun and visually appealing baby items from clothes to blankets to carpets and more. However, when it came to tummy time, first toddles, and good old fashioned playtime they found there was no adequate product on the market that met their high standards for quality and safety, and reflected modern design trends. Frustrated with the limitless sea of funky scented, kitschy play mats that seemed to be screaming “Down with style!” they decided to take matters into their own hands. And just like that Ik & Ich was born!


The name Ik & Ich reflects Samara and Lea’s friendship, their backgrounds, and now their brand. Samara is an American living in The Netherlands and Lea is an Australian living in Germany, with ‘Ik’ and ‘Ich’ meaning ‘I’ or ‘me’ in each of their new languages.

Their vision for Ik & Ich is to provide parents with high quality, long lasting baby and children’s products that parents feel proud to have in their homes. Samara’s background in logistics and project management and Lea’s background in fashion design and production meant that they could combine their skills to research, design and develop the perfect CUSHY PLAY MAT for their growing families, which they are now sharing with the world! 

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Photography: Georg Kowallek / Alena Masselink www.madebyalena.com

Models: Thank you to all of the kids and families that gave up their time to help us out, you are the best!