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Cleaning & Care



  • Remove all packaging and immediately discard away from children

  • Relax your CUSHY PLAY MAT by re-rolling in the opposite direction and then lying flat

  • Clean your CUSHY PLAY MAT with a soft, damp towel (no baby wipes!) before first use


  • Avoid sharp, rough, and hot objects from coming in contact (such as shoes, vacuum cleaners, and hot coffee/tea cups) as this may cause irreversible damage or leave permanent marks on your CUSHY PLAY MAT

  • Pets should enjoy from the sidelines as their paws may cause damage (sorry Fluffy!)

  • Avoid direct sunlight and/or high temperatures as this may cause deterioration of your CUSHY PLAY MAT

  • Enjoy your CUSHY PLAY MAT in outdoor spaces that are protected from the elements

  • Keep your CUSHY PLAY MAT looking like new by periodically cleaning with a soft, damp cloth and mild detergent

  • Avoid using baby wipes to clean as this may cause damage to your CUSHY PLAY MAT over time

  • To avoid permanent depressions on your CUSHY PLAY MAT do not place heavy furniture on top

  • Be sure to save the Velcro straps (included) for easy transport and/or storage

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